Thomas Kinkade’s  Jingle Bells Snow Globe
September 19, 2017

Harmony Kingdom “The Perry Brothers” #TJDLRA-1


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Two rabbits stand on a box with the inscription “Perry Bros., Dowlish Wake.” This is one of David Lawrence’s favorite cider farms, where cider is made and bought by the gallon from huge oak barrels. The apples are priced at “10d. per bushel” – 10d. being ten pence in Old English currency. “Sweet Coppin” is a variety of cider apple and also the name of a women’s clog dancing team with whom David’s Morris Men often dance out. The bird is a kingfisher, a denizen of the “Somerset Levels” where David lives. The interior shows a traditional English meal of fish and chips, inspired by an old song that goes: “Run rabbit, run run run/ Don’t give the farmer his fun, fun, fun/He’ll get by without his rabbit pie” and suggests he eat fish and chips instead. This is the 119th piece David Lawrence has carved for Harmony Kingdom.