Thomas Kinkade’s  Jingle Bells Snow Globe
September 19, 2017

Harmony Kingdom “Nick’s New Ride Santa”


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This year was an especially rough one for everyone, including Santa! He had to replace his reindeer with a cheaper mode of transport – a Hoppity Hop, or as it is known in the UK, a Space Hopper. Look for Peter’s signature mouse, and you’ll know why he isn’t pleased with the change. A fed up reindeer with his UB40, an unemployment card in the UK, is hiding inside. Inscribed on the lid are “Mr. Hoppy” and “Ivan Dobsky MD”, characters from an animation series called Monkey Dust which Peter found darkly brilliant. Notice Santa’s feet. “A.C.” stands for Aquilino Cosani, credited with the bouncing rubber toy. “Pon Pon” was the name he gave to it. And look closely at Santa’s presents. One is labeled “LY” for Lisa Yashon, HK co-founder. The other is labeled “PC” for our favorite master carver. A further inscription, “EL”, still eludes Peter.